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10 Important Tips to Help You Lose Weight!

Tip 1: Don't think you're "dieting." Think in terms of lifestyle changes. Losing weight permanently is a lifestyle choice, not a diet. Going on a "diet" implies temporary measures. And that might mean gorging once the diet is over. 

But if you think of changing to healthier eating habits to help you look and feel better for life weight loss will be more permanent. That doesn't mean you can never taste the fattening foods you love ever again. Have some (in moderation) once in a while to satisfy your cravings. Then be good to yourself and go back to healthy eating.

Tip 2: Be realistic. Trying to lose 35 pounds in three weeks is more than a strain, its setting yourself up to regain all that weight faster than you lost it! And to regain it as fat, not muscle! It's so much safer to lose two to three pounds a week, and keep them off. It's so much wiser to learn good eating habits and make lifestyle changes that will keep you healthy and trim for the long haul.

Tip 3: Get a friend (or family member) to be your "buddy." We all need encouragement and support once in a while, especially when we're trying to lose weight. When you're about to blow it, it really helps to pick up the phone and talk about it with someone you trust. That may be all you need instead of munching. Likewise, listening to someone else's challenges can help you become more responsible.

Tip 4: Accept yourself as you are now. Life often doesn't go as planned. There are many surprises and unexpected events (including weight gain). If you can accept yourself as you are now, you can allow yourself to move into what you want to become. But if you are resisting who you are or what you've become, it will be that much harder to lose weight because we usually get more of what we resist. The best policy is to accept yourself and what happened to you, and move on.

Tip 5: Deal with your emotions in positive, constructive ways. Much of the time, we eat "comfort foods" when we are sad, unhappy, fearful, uneasy, or angry. Before taking that bite into a piece of chocolate, ask yourself if you are really hungry. And be honest with yourself (hint: chocolate is not the kind of food one would eat if they were really hungry).

Ask yourself how you feel. Do you need to sit down and think about something? Do you need to go for a walk to give yourself the space to think things through? Are you unhappy about something? Do you need to release some resentments on paper or by pretending you're saying them to a real person? Or would a good cry be the thing at the moment? Whatever the emotion is, don't stop it, don't judge it, don't fear it. It's just an emotion let it run its course.

Tip 6: Steer clear of temptation you know you can't resist. If it's impossible for you to go to a buffet without having to have the gravies, the desserts, and overeating, then make sure to choose more suitable restaurants where you can get the kind of food you need. If you're used to going out drinking with your friends every Friday night (and know you can't resist having a few), find something else to do on Friday night.

Tip 7: Don't worry about "cheating" once in a while. Special occasions and holidays are traditions that deserve to be observed. Simply get back on track as soon as possible. Give yourself a few minutes to fret about it, then forget it and move forward. Remember that everybody who tries to lose weight slips up sooner or later, but the winners don't give up!

Tip 8: Take inventory of your life what hasn't worked and what do you need to do differently? What do you want to change or to improve? What do you want to do that you haven't yet done?

Imagine yourself doing it. See yourself accomplishing it. Feel the satisfaction of having done it. If you can't connect with a feeling of satisfaction from visualizing, remember a time when you accomplished something you felt good about (no matter how small). Get back into that feeling and expand upon it. Then imagine yourself accomplishing your new goal, still keeping the feeling going. Stay positive, happy, and grateful during this exercise and you'll notice your life start to change.

Tip 9: Visualize yourself healthy, happy, and slim (all three)! See it… breathe into it… feel it… be it… every day and you'll get there! Imagine yourself wearing the clothes you dream of. See yourself running across the beach in your new bikini. Breathe in the fresh ocean air. Feel the new curves in your body, until you know that's who you are.

Tip 10: Don't give up! Even if emergencies come up and you have to put your weight loss and fitness goals on hold for a while, come back to them as soon as you can. Maintain your commitment. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight doing fun, wonderful, meaningful activities. And don't let anything stand in the way of your happiness.

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