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The strongest weight motivator: How to attract a woman or man

We often ignore it or give up on how to attract a woman or man, but finding the right partner is one of the biggest drives in nature.

But there is an unfortunate truth about most relationships – One that makes for a compelling reason to refuse to be average

In 1962 two mathematicians, David Gale and Lloyd Shapley applied the Hungarian mathematician, John von Neumann’s Game theory to solving this problem:

“If everybody at a party of singles all chose the most attractive person of the opposite sex, only two people at the party will end up happy! All the rest will end up losers. However, given a little (or a lot of) compromise by everybody, everyone can end up being partnered.” (and be happy?)

This is what happens in social environments constantly. We all measure and assess each other on a variety of criteria: age, looks, grooming, body shape, personality, apparent wealth, habits, addictions, personal hygiene, status, friends and social circle, hobbies,… the list is endless.

We might be drawn to someone (and a lot of competition) because they score well on the items that matter to us. However, if our own ratings on similar criteria do not match up we wisely give up on pursuing a possibly good relationship and we lower our standards. We compromise and we lower our sights and we end up with… the less than ideal mate, and a bad relationship!

We dare not admit to it to partners and often ourselves but we take the best that we can get. That is the hard truth of what happens to most people who do not ‘live happily ever after’.

How to attract a woman or man   The strongest weight motivator
If two people compromised too much because when they met they were not the best version of who they could be they are bound to end up in a bad relationship, with life-long marital problems. How could there be a ‘happily ever after’? The relationship is doomed to failure or a life of misery for both. Both partners entered the relationship with low self-esteem that got cemented.

Sub-conscious resentment is inevitable.

If you are in a relationship with an overweight, abusive, hard drinking, surly slob, (male or female) have a good, objective look at yourself What adjectives would describe you? To what extent did you let your self-esteem drop to the level where this is what you considered “the best that you could get”?

How to attract a man or a girl/woman

The question how to attract a woman or a man, a boy or a girl is on everybody's mind until they find a mate. sometimes it is buried, but it is there for us all.

The answer is clear, but many people do not want to hear it. Make sure you are your best Attend to the things under your control your weight, behavior, grooming, personality traits. They play a much more important role than the physical and age related things not in our control.

The easiest things to change in your attractiveness score is to change what you weigh and what you say.

If you want to know how to attract a woman or a man, be honest with yourself and start with your appearance, your weight is the most important part.

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